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UniBikes’ vision

Bike rental in Copenhagen for a monthly subscription

At UniBikes we are familiar with either bikes being too expensive or not knowing where to find the right bike. We hope to help anyone with a hassle-free bike for a cheap monthly subscription. In the near future we will have a free-service called UniService, where we will come and help our users within 24 hours, this could be to exchange the users bike for another bike or simply fix a tire – all this will be included in your monthly subscription.

We wish the easiest way for you to use your bike – not having to think where to find a bike-repair, just call us and have the bike fixed within 24 hours – that’s a nice service! (at least we think so) UniBikes has a vision to expand our idea of renting bikes for a monthly subscription all over Denmark and later to the whole world. In the near future UniBikes will deliver its own unisex bike, including lights and lockers.