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Pilot Project 2.0

Bike rental in Copenhagen for a monthly subscription

Pilot Project 2.0

UniBikes has been overwhelmed with interests of Pilot Project 1.0 and will move on with the next Pilot Project called, 2.0, where we aim to rent used bikes to exchange students for 100 DKK pr. month.

UniBikes will collect data from consumers and hear about their experience with a future rental that will be hassle free and includes service. If you are interested sign up on the website.

The Pilot Project 2.0 will be running from 29th of January to 11th of February, register here to get your bike.

If you are still interested click her register



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • What is Pilot Project 2.0?
    • Pilot Project 2.0 is the second round to register for renting a bike through UniBikes. This project cost 100 DKK/Month.
  • How do I sign up for the Pilot Project 2.0?
    • You can sign up for this project easily online and we will contact you as soon as possible.
  • Where can I get a UniBikes bike?
    • Now Pilot Project 2.0 is running in cooperation with DTU, this means if you are a student of DTU that lives near DTU or in Copenhagen you can get a UniBikes bike.
  • Is service included in Pilot Project 2.0?
    • The free service package deal is not yet not included in the Pilot Project. The aim is to include it when the business is starting in summer 2018.
  • What happens if my UniBikes bike gets stolen?
    • If your rented bike from UniBikes gets stolen, you will be charged 500 DKK by UniBikes.


Pilot Project Terms and Conditions


1.   Definitions

The Pilot Project Terms and Conditions feature the following defined terms:

Subscription: The agreement between UniBikes and the Renter concerning the use of the Bicycle by the Renter as well as any other agreement between UniBikes and the Renter;
General Terms and Conditions: These Pilot Project and Conditions of UniBikes apply to every subscription done as a Pilot Project;
End Date: The date on which the Subscription ends due to termination by the Renter as explained in Article 2.1;
Bicycle: The Bicycle made available to the Renter by UniBikes based on the Subscription for use by the Renter in accordance with the Pilot Project Terms and Conditions;
Renter: Any natural or legal person who concludes a Subscription with UniBikes;
Improper Rent: has the definition as explained in Article 2.2;
UniBikes: UniBikes IVS., with its registered office in Rødovre, and its principal place of business at Damhusdalen 75. value added tax identification number 39189577;
Renting: The solution provided by UniBikes for the Renter concerning the Bicycle, by renting only.


2.   Subscription Term and Termination

2.1. The period of notice of Termination of the Subscription is one month. From the day that the written notice of Termination of the Subscription by the Renter is received by UniBikes via e-mail, the Subscription is still active for one month, so that the Subscription ends one month after the day on which the notice of Termination is received by UniBikes (the ‘End date’).

2.2. When the Renter requests a wrongly rent (an ‘Improper rent’), UniBikes has the right to charge DKK 200,00 call-out charges. When the Renter fails to appear at a scheduled rent, this will also be considered an Improper rent.

2.3. In case of loss or theft of the Bicycle, the Renter is obliged to notify UniBikes within 24 hours, to return the keys of the Bicycle to UniBikes and file a police report together with an employee of UniBikes. In this case, the Renter owes DKK 500.

2.4. During the pilot project, UniBikes free services will not be included.

2.5. Be aware that price regulations may happen during the start-up of UniBikes, all renters that are paying will be notified a month before, and it is accepted if the renter would like to stop their subscription due to price regulations.