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Rent a second hand bike for a monthly subscription in Copenhagen

All in one solution

Are you student
If you are a student, UniBikes offers a cheap monthly rental of a quality bicycle.  
No worries, when you rent a bicycle at UniBikes. A subscription at UniBikes includes free service on your rental bicycle. You register UniBikes deliver!
When you rent a bicycle at UniBikes, the only thing you need to do is, to get your bike, enjoy your day and let UniBikes do the rest.

UniBikes’ Concept

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Your own UniBikes

At UniBikes there is free delivery of your bike. You decide when and where.


Just get in touch with UniBikes by (phone, mail)


UniBikes is having a service day once a week. You will be able to drop by to have your bike serviced.

How it works

1. Sign up

Describe what type of bike you would like, when signing up and we will try to our upmost to match your choice.

2. Matching

We will match your preferances on the bike.

3. We deliver

We will get in touch with you and arrange the delivery.

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If you are a student, this solution is the right choice for you. This solution gives you a free movement around the city

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Expensive to buy a bike.

Rent a bike from UniBikes with a fixed monthly subscription

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  CBS summer school

In collaboration with CBS we are offering exchange students a brand new bike for 6 weeks


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